I often get asked is certification really worth the effort? My stock standard answer is yes - specifically where the IIBA and Business Analysis is concerned. I firmly believe that the IIBA has got it right. How do I know this you might ask? Well here's my list of reasons to consider the pursuit of IIBA Certification

Is Certification Worth It?

if_cb-318_2222751The global market place has not been flooded with 'CBAP paper certificates.  Currently there are approximately 10,000 certified BA Professionals around the world that hold the BABOK v3.0 Certificate.

if_cb-305_2222764Given the IIBA's diligent pursuit of ISO17024 there is no doubt in my mind that the quality of the exam process is going to be under great scrutiny and as such the exam preparation process, writing of questions, analysis of results, and application process will be nothing short of excellent.

if_cb-313_2222756.pngIndividuals who pursue certification must demonstrate with great care their Business Analysis experience and apply it for the purposes of explicitly passing the exam - this is not an exam where memory will get you across the line.

if_cb-307_2222762.pngAccording to the IIBA's recent salary survey report "the average salary of top 5 certification holders is $85,804, that is 11% on average more in earnings in comparison to non-certification holders."

if_cb-318_2222751.png99% of all job postings world wide for Business Analysts are requiring an IIBA certification


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